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B&Q have 15% off selected ladders

Combination Ladders
A combination ladder can be used in different ways. It helps you to reach awkward places and is more adaptable.
With ladders that do 2,3,5, 10 and 12 ways.

Extension Ladders
The range of extension ladders offer you a complete choice, on the type of ladder suited to your individual needs
Ladders range in height up to 10m

Ladder Accessories
Includes stand offs, roof rack clamps, roof ridge hooks and paint hooks for holding tins on ladders.

Loft Ladders
Essential for safe loft access.
2 and 3 section ladders, and complete kits.

Roof Ladders
Roof Ladders combine the strength of a trade ladder with a heavy-duty ridge hook, making roofing work easier.

Trade and domestic.

Step Stools
Everyday ease of access - perfect for your kitchen if you need a bit of help getting to the top shelf and can be used as a stool too!

Work Platforms
Perfect for carrying out all those hard to reach jobs.


A ladder is a piece of equipment consisting of two sides holding together a series of steps or rungs. It can be a straight ladder or a hinged type of ladder.

Shops that sell ladders include

  • Ladders at B&Q
    B & Q sell ladders
    - and offer home delivery!

    Combination Ladders
    Extension Ladders
    Ladder Accessories
    Loft Ladders
    Roof Ladders
    Work Platforms

  • Screwfix have lots of ladders

    Aluminium Trade Tower
    Aluminium Trade Tower working platforms, available in various heights. ...
    Builders Steps
    Builders Steps for all those higher level tasks. ...
    Combination Ladder
    Versatile access Ladders that can be assembled in a variety of ways to suit each application. ..
    Double Extension Ladder
    Tradesman's Double Extension Ladders available in a variety of heights, all with non-slip moulded feet. ...
    Folding Ladders
    Highly versatile Folding Ladders, can be used as single or double ladders or trestle platforms, and can also be easily stored. ..
    Loft Ladders
    3 Section Loft Ladders. ...
    Ladder Accessories
    A range of ladder accessories to improve safety, stability and usability, from ladder stabilisers to worktrays. ..
    Platform Steps
    Lightweight aluminium or non-conductive glass fibre Platform Steps with non-slip rungs and rubber feet. ...
    Platform Ladder
    4 way versatile Platform Ladder. ...
    Warehouse Steps
    Robust and stable range of steps, designed for use in factories and warehouses. ...
    Roof Ladders
    Lightweight Roof Ladders, combining the strength of a trade ladder with a heavy-duty ridge hook. ...
    Triple Extension Ladder
    A range of Triple Extension Ladders for industrial or trade use. ...

  • Online at Amazon - they sell ladders too!
    bps access solutions, ladders multi purpose, step ladders.
    Step Ladders
    Loft Ladders
    3-Tread Step Ladders
    5-Tread Step Ladders
    Extension Ladders
    Multipurpose Ladders
    Combination Ladders
    Step Stools


Use ladders safely - advice from Health and Safety Executive - including the Work at Height Regulations 2005

  • know when to use a ladder (That means don't stand on chairs or other items not intended for use as a ladder)
  • decide how select the right sort of ladder for the job;
  • understand how to use it
  • know how to look after it
  • take sensible safety precautions.

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